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  3. Risk Takers Takin’ the world

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  5. Risk Takers»>

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  7. now lets tap into the mind of a Christian D. Hogan


    My philosophy of life comes from within ones heart and mind. As for one who believes or agrees with this is irrelevant in this day and age, however when awarded with a catch 22 of sorts one can only choose to select from a group of choices that are unlimited in holistic factions. As for choices that are metaphorical are likely to confuse those who don’t believe in the abstract theories that our world follows today. As a man of great stature I believe that physical activity can change one lifestyle, mood, and approach to the difficulty of notions that prevent facilitations of radical tragedies despite targets against humanist who advocate for the furthering of animal culture. When one takes the time to look into what is being said during the time of lecture it is inevitable that political topics will distract the person from the goal being sought, but before a final decision can be made it is only appropriate for one to be held to a standard of being put forth to a grand jury of law enforcement worker before being let astray against their will. I have to say my approach to anti humanism seems to be slightly different than most philosophers throughout history. In the fact that the main idea that I am forced to put across is misconstrued by my place in culture and also my status as an american citizen living in the United Kingdom. When asked about universal subjects I am obliged to answer those with one response corresponding with the escape of primates and reptiles from the zoological containment center in San Diego California during the time of anti-prohibition in the 21st century. Given the fact that these types of situations are most of the time discriminated against one can only fight for the right to change these sorts of things in the world that we live in today. Being that I was born and raised in a mid western state I can relate to those in the north who refused to addict themselves to segregation unlike most of those who lived in the south in the early 1800. As the great movie director and movie producer Quinton Tarontino would say “nigger”. Seeing that I am an intellectual that enjoys the reading of graphic and historical novels movies also play a major role in my development. Using the two types of artistry as a common comparison I feel that I have no choice but to respond to subjects as such with the attitude of “bring it on”. With little time I have left I would not fail to disagree with an economic approach that seems to benefit the crisis of terrorist that add a threat to nations such as the United nations, Germany, and other cultures that allow the Soviet Union to carry out their facets methods. With my critique of the topic I come to a point that cannot be contained by a project that would be able to bring back a daily review of history and law of the main effect of realism and the study of man emerging in the last resort of on who believes in the theory of survival of the fittest. The common podcast shakespeare and contemporary theory. These ideas are commonly seen as individual ideas that reject this type of literary criticism, But I must warn thee to look closely into these possibilities that are a combination an compilation of people undergoing a spiritual crisis which continues to expand because the fail to have a spiritual leader. This type of situation leaves no question to the topics that I will out line in a few moments. Recently, I have been feeling willed to direct my client in a way in which they feel lead. It may be found as an obscure way of thinking especially when reading through a book of unorthodox biographies. As a theorist these orthadoxes still prevail in what seems to be seen in certain sections of the European commerce as  per-tuning interpretation that fall into the category of materialism in the 1890’s. With the criticism that we have in mind it effects generic trades just as easily because of the question of the divide in influential historic literature that influences cultural traits of the political leaders of nations abroad. In my dissertation here I discuss how biology elutes literature because of the types of physiology that constitute human nature. With this type of embodiment one is to share with the world what shapes and molds the extreme difference between global cultures through the analysis of evolution but also the ability to resist dominance and understand counter-dominance. Without a fixed formula for understanding what has been said here today I don’t expect any of you to agree with every idea. I just feel that everyone has the ability to make choices and actions toward the controlling of biblical and political topics used as propaganda in schools. Thank you.

    - Christian D. Hogan            

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  9. High Society&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.. Here

    High Society………….. Here

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  11. High Society - LIVE from Potenberg

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  13. High Society Brand new music from the D.R.U.G.Z mixtape

    Via Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/#7cc80i5hlju0d

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  15. High Society
Mixtape Dope for download

    High Society

    Mixtape Dope for download

    (Source: Themakers)

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  17. themakers2012:

The Too Dope Boy$ present High Society with their new mixtape
D.R.U.G.Z - Dope Rhymers United Getting Zooted


    The Too Dope Boy$ present High Society with their new mixtape

    D.R.U.G.Z - Dope Rhymers United Getting Zooted

    (Source: Themakers, via themakers2012-deactivated201303)

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  19. Crazy vid, these guys are coming up


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